Challenge Yourself India 2015

Compete with your innovative
solution and win a trip to Sweden!

PRIZE Travel grant to Sweden in 2015 worth approx. INR 125 000!
Amazon gift cards worth approx. INR 12 000*

ELIGIBILITY Indian Bachelor’s and Master’s students

CHALLENGE Multiple-choice questions and innovation case

DEADLINE December 10, 2014 23:59 UTC


*Travel voucher worth 15 000 SEK, total value of gift cards 1500 SEK.

Why Sweden?

You bring the ideas, the drive and the inspiration – we'll teach you how to use them to change the world!

When you choose Sweden, you don't just pick a place – you pick a future.

Top 5 reasons to study in Sweden

1. Your ideas will thrive

When you study in Sweden, you're encouraged to think independently, creatively and critically.

2. Top academic standards

Sweden has a long and proud history of academic excellence and despite its relatively small population, it is home to some of the world's best universities.

3. Sustainability is front and centre – with the environment to show for it

If you're concerned about sustainable development for a greener future, you'll find many kindred spirits here in Sweden!

4. Experience equality and embrace diversity

Swedish society is known for its inclusiveness and egalitarianism. You may have heard Sweden referred to as the most equal country in the world.

5. Gain a competitive edge for your global career

Many degree programmes in Sweden include internships, which are a great way to get real-world experience while you build your professional network.

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Sweden ranked the best in Europe and 2nd in the world at providing higher education.

A recent report on national education systems conducted by U21 places Sweden at the top internationally, coming in second only to the US, in terms of overall quality of higher education.

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