Challenge Yourself India 2015

Compete with your innovative
solution and win a trip to Sweden!

PRIZE Travel grant to Sweden in 2015 worth approx. INR 125 000!
Amazon gift cards worth approx. INR 12 000*

ELIGIBILITY Indian Bachelor’s and Master’s students

CHALLENGE Multiple-choice questions and innovation case

DEADLINE December 10, 2014 23:59 UTC


*Travel voucher worth 15 000 SEK, total value of gift cards 1500 SEK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to your frequently asked questions about the competition.

How do I enter the competition?

  1. Sign up/register for the competition here.
  2. Take the Challenge.
    1. Multiple-choice questions
    2. Case question
    3. Personal motivation
    4. Share on social media
  3. Complete the competition by the 10 December 2014 deadline.
  4. The finalists will be officially presented on the competition website on 15 December 2014.
  5. The first prize winner and the runners up will be announced no later than 19 December 2014.

I did not receive a confirmation email after signing up for the competition. What should I do?

If you did not receive a confirmation email within 5-10 minutes, try checking your spam box. Otherwise, please report the problem to

What if my school/university is not listed?

If the name of your university is not listed, please send an email to

When is the deadline?

10 December 2014

Who is eligible to compete?

Please check 'Eligibility' in 'the Challenge' to see if you are eligible for the competition.

I am having difficulty loading the page. I think it may be a browser issue. What are the recommended browsers to enter the challenge?

The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari, or Internet Explorer 10.

What happens if I don't adhere to all the rules?

Student Competitions reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not follow the rules stated. Read more under 'The Challenge'.

How will my social recommendations affect my result in the competition?

The recommendations you collect when you share your public profile with friends and family will be weighed alongside your quiz results, essay response and personal motivation. In the case that participants have the same quiz and essay results, recommendations and the personal motivation will play a decisive role in determining the winner. So share your profile and collect as many recommendations as possible to increase your chances of winning!

What can I win?

First prize: The chance to visit Sweden during 2015 to discover the opportunities within higher education and starting a successful career! Amazon gift cards worth approx. INR 8500 (2nd prize) and INR 4200 (3rd prize).

How will my submission be screened?

A panel of judges from Student Competitions and the university partners will evaluate the applications and determine the winners. Read more under 'The Challenge'.

Why will the system not let me finalize my submission?

In case of a technical error, please send an email to

Will I receive a certificate of achievement for my participation?

Yes, all participants who complete the challenge will receive a digital certificate sent to his/her email upon finalizing the competition.

Can I enter the competition as part of a team?

No. We only accept entries from individuals, as the prizes will be awarded on an individual basis.